AdvoCare Diet Results

My AdvoCare-based diet ended successfully.    See the results below!

  Before After
Weight 183 165
Body Fat 21.5% 14.7%
Total Weight Loss 18 lbs.
Total Fat Loss 15.1 lbs.
Diet Length 5 1/2 weeks
Age 44 34 ;)

I am quite pleased with the numbers above. My goal was to reduce my body fat to below 15%, and I stopped after achieving that goal.   Somewhat surprisingly, I managed to conclude the diet successfully despite a spring break vacation with my kids, and several cheat weekends, supplemented with gelato, margaritas, IPA, and truffle fries.

I started the diet by doing the 24 day challenge, and I continued the diet by extending the “Max” phase of the diet for 2 more weeks.  For more information on my diet, see my previous post, A Slow Carb Diet for the 24 Day Challenge.  I found that the diet was very easy to follow, and the cheat days had an added bonus for me–after a cheat day (or cheat weekend), the fat seemed to “melt” away for the subsequent 3-4 days.  As noted in the diet post, the cheat day is essential to keep your metabolism high, and it makes the diet easier.

As far as exercise goes, I continued with my typical weight training workout (averaging 5 days per week) and tried to do 20 – 35 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) after each weight training session.  I will be blogging about HIIT in the near future.  For now, suffice it to say that you choose any cardio exercise and you “srpint” until you hit 90% of your max heart rate, then you slow down to a “jog” for 3-5 minutes.  The cycle burns more fat and is better for your heart than sustained exercise.

You might notice that I dropped some muscle mass during the diet.  I knew this was inevitable.  While people new to weight training can sometimes gain muscle and lose fat, experienced athletes cannot–muscle loss accompanies fat loss.  As a general rule, if one drops more than 1 1/2 lbs per week one will also lose muscle.  Since I did not want to diet for 3 months, my goal was to minimize muscle loss while maximizing fat loss.  To do that, I did the following:

  • Continue with a muscle-building workout that I knew was effective for me
  • Avoid doing too many sets in the gym; lifting breaks the muscles down and over training is easy while dieting
  • Take a protein supplement immediately after weight training (before cardio)
  • Take AdvoCare Catalyst
  • For more information, see Avoding Muscle Loss While Dieting

I am quite happy that I only lost approximately 3 lbs. of muscle during the diet.  And much to my surprise, my strength increased dramatically during the first 3 weeks.  As an example, when I started the diet I could decline bench press 275 pounds for 5 reps.  After 3 weeks I could press 305 for 5 reps.  I attribute the inrease to AdvoCare MNS®-E, which increases energy levels, and Muscle Strength(TM).  Of course, all good things can come to an end.  After by body fat dipped below 17% my  strength started to drop, but it remained close to where it was at the beginning of the diet; better, yet, I have 15 fewer pounds of fat!

Several people have asked if my results are due to my diet, exercise, or supplements.  Clearly it is a combination of the three.  With that said, I think that the AdvoCare products played a huge role, in particular, the MNS-E.  I know that it made a big difference in my workouts.  If you want to join me with AdvoCare, I will also assist with diet and exercise advice so you can take a holistic approach.



p.s.  NEWSFLASH – My doctor called while I was finishing this post.  I have not been on cholesterol medication for 2 months and my non-medicine blood panel is the best it has been in 15 years…that’s another benefit to diet and exercise!!!

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